Everyday is a Fiesta at CPD
Although we try to make everyday a fiesta at Cipes Pediatric Dentistry, today really was! We celebrated our 2018 Employee of the year with a Fiesta themed party. Dawn, LaTeicia and Dr. Chisholm served on the nomination committee this year and really focused on details to make the day special for the CPD team. The team was greeted to the event with papel picado banners coming down the stairs, Salsa music playing, and virgin margaritas. Two instructors came from Arthur Murray Dance studio to teach us a few Salsa moves! Trust us when we say…we are a talented bunch- and there is video evidence to prove it! Prizes were awarded for the person with the most heart (Brandee), the most festive (Maren), the best Maraca shaker (Dr. Cipes) and the prettiest wallflower (Samira)!
The grand prize however was the 2018 Employee of the year winner- Leigh! According to Dawn “it was a tough decision for the 2018 Employee of the Year. Everyone brings something unique and special to this crazy dance we do every day. When we ‘dance’ in unison it is like a well-choreographed performance. Together we just make it work!”
Here is what the committee had to say: “Leigh was chosen because she exhibits elegance and grace on a daily basis. She works hard to perfect her art and continues to learn and grow regardless of how long she has been doing this dance. She is able to work with any partner regardless of their dance background. She can read the music and make up the moves as she goes. Whatever the dance, be it slow or fast, she adjusts her timing and makes it look effortless. She is an advocate for the rest of her dance team and can always be counted on to lead with grace. Perhaps her best attribute is her heart. In her heart she can find the beat of the music and let it shine to the world. All who meet her, even if it is only for a short dance, can see how big her heart really is. Instantaneously people feel at ease with her and know that when she is leading the dance they can’t go wrong!”