Halloween, a dentist’s worst nightmare, right?   Here at Cipes Pediatric Dentistry we like Halloween as much as everyone else!   The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) is encouraging parents and caregivers to enjoy a happy Halloween by simply brushing their children’s teeth for two minutes, twice a day.    The AAPD feels that this key message is critical on Halloween and every day of the year.

Some other things to keep in mind…

-When it comes to cavities a lot has to do with how often and how long the teeth are exposed to sugar.   So we feel that it is best if children eat a piece of candy right after a meal.

-Try to avoid the “sticky, chewy” candy, which can remain on the teeth for a long time.

–Enjoy the candy for a few days, then get rid of it.    If you call our office at (860) 233-1589, we will “buy back” your child’s candy and add it to the donation that we send to the troops overseas (with toothbrushes of course!).