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Monica Cipes D.M.D., M.S.D. :: Elizabeth Chisholm D.M.D. |  Diplomates, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry


We are a mother-daughter team of pediatric dentists with a love for children, as well as additional dental training and experience with infants, children and teens. For more than 30 years, our pediatric dental office has provided care to children of all ages. By only hiring people with the same love and commitment to children, we are known as a place where our patients feel secure, relaxed and comfortable. We pride ourselves on providing a positive dental experience and placing an emphasis on prevention.


Both of us hold degrees in pediatric dentistry and specialty certification in pediatric dentistry from the University of Connecticut (UCONN). Dr. Cipes also holds a master’s degree in dental science from UCONN’s Department of Behavioral Sciences.


We believe every infant, child and teenager deserves a healthy, beautiful smile and are committed to providing the best possible care in a friendly, caring and fun environment. Your preschooler will benefit from our caring and experienced approach to dentistry, yet your teenager will feel at home around other young adults. And, if your child is especially anxious or medically compromised, we provide the highest standards of skill and concern for patients with special needs.

Children with Special Needs

At Cipes Pediatric Dentistry, we have decades of experience serving young people with special needs, including children with autism. See more about our special services under Our Office section.

We have developed picture guides, also known as social stories, which are useful for anxious children and those with special needs. If you feel a picture guide would be helpful or your child already uses picture guides, activity schedules or social stories, please call us to receive a free picture guide or you can download our picture guides by clicking here.

Community Outreach

Doctors Cipes, Chisholm and staff are involved in many community outreach efforts. In addition to having dental assisting and dental students rotate through their office, they teach and lecture both locally and nationally. Dr. Cipes is a faculty member of UCONN School of Dental Medicine, where she lectures on many topics, particularly reducing anxiety and stress in young dental patients. Dr. Chisholm also lectures at UCONN School of Dental Medicine on dental treatment for children with special healthcare needs such as autism.

We Speak Your Language

Se Habla Español

Dr. Cipes speaks and other staff members speak Spanish, our forms are available in Spanish and a Spanish translator is available in the practice. When calling for an appointment ask for Hipolita Fernandez.


La Dra. Cipes habla español al igual que algunos de sus empleados en la oficina, nuestros formularios están disponibles en español y contamos con un intérprete en la práctica. Cuando llame para hacer una cita pregunte por Hipólita Fernández.


Govorimo Bosanski jezik

Samira, one of our dental assistants, speaks Bosnian.   When calling for an appointment ask for Samira Jahic.


Samira, jedna od nasih zubar asistenata, govori Bosanski jezik. Kada pozovite nas ured da zakazite termin pitajte za Samiru Jahic.

If needed we provide free-of-charge language assistance services to people who speak languages we are likely to hear in our practice and who don’t speak English well enough to talk to us about the dental care we are providing.


Spanish & Portugese

Tomaremos acciones razonables para proporcionar servicios de asistencia linguistic gratuitos a aquellas personas cuyo lenguaje escuchemos frecuentemente en nuestro consultorio y que no hablen un inglés lo suficientemente bueno como para hablar con nosotros sobre el servicio odontológico que suministramos.



Będziemy podejmować stosowne kroki, by zapewnić bezpłatne usługi wsparcia językowego dla ludzi, którzy rozmawiają językami, które my chcielibyśmy słyszeć w naszym gabinecie i dla tych, którzy nie mówią po angielsku na tyle dobrze, aby rozmawiać z nami o opiece stomatologicznej, którą zapewniamy.



We Fish Everyday

We all FISH! here, every day! We at Cipes Pediatric Dentistry believe that the more positive our work culture, the more positive our patient experiences. To keep our energy and enthusiasm high, our entire workforce — clinical and administrative — follow the ChartHouse Learning, copyrighted FISH! Philosophy. The philosophy is based on an enormously positive and popular customer service outlook used at a major fish market in Seattle — thus the FISH! name. The philosophy uses a set of simple, practical tools to help create a positive working culture.


Every day we FISH! according
to four FISH! guidelines:

• Play

• Make their day

• Be there

• Choose your attitude


Ask any of us. FISH! with us!

Dr. Beth Chisholm Cipes and Dr. Monica Cipes
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