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Monica Cipes D.M.D., M.S.D. :: Elizabeth Chisholm D.M.D. |  Diplomates, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry


Because our office is designed “just for kids,” it offers a pleasant, comfortable environment filled with books, toys and games as well as state-of-the-art dental technology. Each member of our team is devoted to helping your child enjoy dental visits and develop a positive attitude about dental health.


We do everything we can to prevent tooth decay for every child. Our goal is to provide your child with quality dental care so he or she will be cavity-free and enjoy good health throughout life.


We listen carefully to parents as our partners in protecting children’s dental health. We pride ourselves on giving parents all the information they need to make wise decisions about pediatric dental care. If you have any questions about our office or children’s dentistry, please call the office to schedule a free “get acquainted” visit for your child.

Special Patient Services

As pediatric dentists, Dr. Cipes and Dr. Chisholm have a true calling to treat children and two years of specialty training beyond dental school. The specialty program of pediatric dentistry emphasizes child health and development, and includes a hospital rotation treating critically ill children. That’s why pediatric dentists are the best choice for children with special needs. In fact, many general (or family) dentists refer patients to Dr. Cipes and Dr. Chisholm when children face special challenges receiving dental care.

Children Who Are Anxious

Dr. Cipes’ areas of expertise are promoting a positive attitude towards dentistry, and reducing anxiety in young patients during dental treatment. (She teaches these subjects to dental students and dentists as a faculty member of the University of Connecticut School of Dentistry.) Her particular skill is helping children feel comfortable during dental treatment and she’s integrated that throughout her pediatric dental practice.


Since Dr. Cipes and Dr. Chisholm recognize that each child responds in his or her own special way to dental treatment, they have a variety of approaches to meet the needs of an individual child. They use age-appropriate words, coaching, and lots of praise to help children feel comfortable and confident during dental treatment. The approach they will recommend for your child will be based upon health history, dental needs, emotional and intellectual development, and most important, your parental preferences.


As mothers themselves, Drs. Cipes and Chisholm encourage parents to ask the doctors and staff about any aspect of treatment so that they can be partners in making the right dental decisions for their children.

Children With Special Health Care Needs

Special children have special dental needs. For example, some conditions requiring special care in dentistry are cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, vision impairments, and developmental disabilities. Whatever the special needs of your child, good dental care can prevent oral problems and protect the look and health of your child’s smile.


As the parent of a special needs child, you may have concerns about how your daughter or son will cope with a dental visit. From the access ramp to special dental equipment, our office is designed to make a dental visit as easy on you and your child as possible. Drs. Cipes and Chisholm and their staff have comprehensive training, experience and a positive attitude about giving the extra care needed to help your child feel comfortable during dental treatment. Please talk to Dr. Cipes or Dr. Chisholm about your particular concerns. Together, you can select an approach to treatment that is ideal for the special needs of your child.

Picture Guides/Social Stories

We have developed picture guides, also known as social stories, which are useful for anxious children and those with special needs. If you feel a picture guide would be helpful or your child already uses picture guides, activity schedules or social stories, please call us to receive a free picture guide or you can download our picture guides by clicking here.

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